Anzeela Imtiaz Launched First Store in Karachi

KARACHI: Anzeela Imtiaz launched her first store on Thursday in Karachi. The launch event featured a star studded red carpet event attended by a host of glamorous celebrities, popular socialites, bloggers and distinguished members of the press. Models also walked wearing the collection RIA by Anzeela Imtiaz for the audience.

R.I.A by Anzeela Imtiaz is a brand inaugurated by a young and talented fashion school student and a fashion enthusiast who not only admire fashion but wants to make it a profession by creating fashion a statement for women out there. R.I.A By Anzeela Imtiaz is a brand that caters to all women guiding them with their extravagant designs and cuts making it a perfect haven for aesthetically-inclined women, who can express their style language with fashionable attires. RIA offers ready to wear lines with their Formal, Semi-formal, Grand Couture, Western and Middle East Collections.

The main motive of R.I.A by Anzeela Imtiaz is to set decorum where a woman feels comfortable in everything she carries. The soul motto of this brand is to play with patterns with the lavish and eccentric cuts presenting you as a star at every occasion.

The alluring and ravishing Formal and Semi-Formal collection is creatively embellished with intricate hand embroidery and the end result is truly exquisite, hence more than suitable for upcoming shaadi season.

Beside formals and semi formals the brand also caters “‘made to order”bridal attires, keeping in mind the latest trends and preferences of a modern bride, RIA offers wide range of beautiful designs in their Grand couture collection.

R.I.A’s Western and Middle East Collections are famous for their stylish cuts and neat tailoring. Catering to young party going crowd this collection offers wide range of ball gowns, dresses, skirts and interesting tops.

R.I.A by Anzeela Imtiaz not only cares for the fashion but believes in making fashion a style that every other woman out there is able to follow confidently. Anzeela Imtiaz is fortunate enough to launch officially making fashion an easy job where each one of us is exuberant and feels fancy.

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