Govt isn’t going anywhere but Zardari going to jail: Imran Khan

Govt isn’t going anywhere but Zardari going to jail: Imran Khan

JAMRUD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday while lashing out at former president and Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari said that the government was not going anywhere but you are going to land in jail.

The Prime Minister heavily criticised his political opponents for what he termed their efforts to hide their corruption and incompetence during a rally in Jamrud town of Khyber Agency.

Addressing a public gathering in Jamrud on Friday, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan is going through difficult economic time but it will be over soon, adding that during the tenure of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), Pakistan’s total debt was Rs6000 billion which soared to Rs30,000 billion during the tenure of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Imran Khan challenged the PPP co-chairman to hold demonstration in Islamabad for at least a week and said that a sit-in is only successful when you deliver the public’s narrative.

Takes digs on Zardari, Fazl; Criticises political opponents for effort to hide corruption; Announces supply of gas, water & electricity for Jamrud

“I invite Zardari and [his son] Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to come and stage protests in Islamabad,” he said. “I will even provide you containers and food.” He remarked that the PPP leaders will not be able to survive for more than a week.

The premier said that people like Zardari (PPP co-chairman) are claiming that they can topple the current government while Fazlur Rehman (JUI-chief) is preparing for a million march, adding that these “spineless” leaders can’t harm the government.

“Zardari, this government is not going anywhere, but yes, you are going to jail soon,” said Imran Khan while referring to former president.

He maintained that Zardari and his son, PPP-chairman Bilawal Bhutto, can’t become leaders for they have no political struggle to their credit but a forged will.

“How can people who only have a (forged) will as their only claim to leadership become leaders? you (Bilawal and Zardari) have not done any struggle?,” asked Imran Khan.

The PM maintained that the recently concluded train march by PPP chairman Bilawal was a mock exercise as “people were brought by giving them Rs200 each”.

About Fazlur Rehman, he says that the JUI-F chief is saying that he will hold a million march against the government but can’t even do a small rally.

Opposition just want to pressurize govt to get NRO; PML-N expert in money laundering, stealing money; 10-year uplift package for tribal dists

“Fazlur Rehman is someone who lost his seat (during elections), his example is that of a kid who fielded all day but on his turn to bat, got bowled out on the very first ball,” said Imran Khan.

He added that the JUI-F chief is what one calls a “Rondu” (a kid who refuses to accept failure) who after losing his wicket, runs away with the stumps.

Imran Khan also criticised former premier Nawaz Sharif’s sons Hassan and Hussain Nawaz by saying that both are evading corruption inquiries on the pretext that they are foreign citizens despite the fact that their father ruled this country for years. The prime minister said that the PML-N was expert in money laundering and stealing money.

He repeated his resolve to “punish the corrupt politicians” and claimed that the opposition parties just want to pressurize the government to get an NRO – a euphemism for relief in accountability cases.

Imran Khan said that Rs100 billion would be spent in tribal areas in next 10 years, aiding that interest free loan will also be provided to the youth.

While announcing supply of gas, water and electricity for Jamrud, the Prime Minister said development projects will be initiated in the tribal areas. “Torkham border will be opened round the clock,” Khan added.

On Thursday, addressing a public gathering in Garhi Khuda Baksh, former president Asif Ali Zardari said that time has come to send the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government packing. He said that if Prime Minister Imran Khan stayed in power, he would push the country 100 years back, adding that his party would soon topple the government.

The PPP co-chairman said that it has become difficult for the poor masses pay their electricity bills.

Zardari asked the people to be prepared for march towards Islamabad. “Be patient, we will announce a campaign soon to bring topple the government. We will not stage sit-in like them (PTI) and will continue sleeping on the roads till they resign.”

Criticizing the government’s policies and inflation, the former president said the prices of vegetables have doubled during the PTI government’s tenure. “I had already said the PTI government’s main target is 18th government,” he added.

Later, addressing the gathering, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also lashed out at PM Imran Khan and his government.

Bilawal said, “The PTI government has done nothing with sincerity except lying.” He said PTI government launched inquiries through National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to scare PPP leaders, adding that NAB is exacting revenge instead of carrying accountability.

The PPP chairman said, “The stories of Benami (fake accounts) are just stories and allegations.” Paying rich tribute to ZAB, Bilawal said today is the 40th martyrdom anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

He went on to say, “They (PTI and Imran Khan) say Pakistan has become bankrupt due to the 18th amendment. The Benami Prime Minister does not know strong provinces are the sign of a strong federation.” Bilawal added they (federal government) does not want Sindh but wants to grab its gas, water and other resources.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a ten-year special development package for tribal districts.

Addressing a big public meeting at Jamrud, Khyber district on Friday evening, he said one hundred billion rupees will be spent on the development of tribal areas each year. He said health, education and sports facilities in tribal areas will be enhanced.

Imran Khan said the national economy is in crisis due to corruption and wrong policies of the previous two governments. It enhanced the national debt from six thousand billion to thirty thousand billion rupees.

Prime Minister said about half of the revenue being collected through taxes is spent on payment of interest on foreign loans. He criticized the politics of agitation of the opposition and said that they are doing so to conceal their misdeeds.

Imran Khan announced that no NRO will be given to the corrupt elements. He announced that Pak-Afghan Border at Torkham will remain open twenty-four hours to promote trade and business activities. He said economic corridor will be established to provide maximum job opportunities to tribal youth. The Prime Minister said the process of merger is difficult but the government is committed to complete it as early as possible.

Referring to the Afghan problem, Imran Khan said Pakistan wants restoration of peace and stability in the war ravaged country. The Prime Minister clarified that he recently proposed setting up an interim government in Afghanistan before election but this was misunderstood. He clarified that this was just a suggestion and not interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

He announced a number of development projects for the area which include construction of Jaba and Bara Dams, Shalman Water Supply Scheme, Bara Bypass and launching 3 and 4G mobile internet service.

The Prime Minister assured that electricity and gas facilities will be provided to tribal people. He hoped that these project on completion will help remove the seventy-year deprivation of the tribal people.

Imran Khan regretted that they have suffered a lot due to terrorism. He lauded the role of tribal people for the defense of the motherland. – NNI

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