Hina Ashfaq

Her start may sound like any other woman’s to this industry, but it’s not. She is distinct in her spirit and intelligence, singularly proving her mettle like no other. Hina opened her eyes to the fashion realm as a top seven contestant in 2014’s Miss Veet Contest; a platform which is calibrated with having successfully launched the careers of many models.

The young art student has since then navigated her ship of dreams to success; working with prominent names of the country; Hub, Hush Puppies, Jazz, Mantra and more. One project at a time. Fed with a passion for art and creativity, Hina’s life has been a mosaic of glamorous cover shoots and now, character acting. In 2016, she was seen in the drama Munkir and later she made a guest appearance in the movie Thora Jee Le. At present, Hina is working on her new project, Alif, which will be screened soon.

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